Innovative hybrid INTensive – EXTensive resource recovery from wastewater in small communities

LIFE INTEXT aims to develop innovative solutions based on a combination of INTensive and EXTensive technologies for dealing with wastewater treatment and reuse to tackle water scarcity in small communities, benefiting from the advantages that both types of technologies offer. It will also provide a smart monitoring and evaluation system for consistent operation of the technologies and criteria for supporting the decision-making process of operators in real-time.  

The Project will create two technological platforms located in Talavera de la Reina wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and in CENTA research center, where innovative hybrid technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery in small communities will be developed. LIFE INTEXT will focus its work in the next objectives:

  • Wastewater treatment system robustness against environmental (winter-summer) and pollutant/industrial loads variations.
  • Reduction of investment and maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of the required area per population equivalent (PE) (<1m2/PE).
  • Quantification and assessment of greenhouse gases emissions reduction.
  • Assessment of emergent pollutants removal.
  • Disinfection and water reuse.
  • Decision Support System (DSS) based on Life Cycle Analysis.
  • Validation of technologies broadly used in the north and centre of Europe.

Funding details

Funding: LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency

Organism: European Commission (EC) Project: LIFE18 ENV/ES/000233

Grant: Subsidy of 55% of budget

Total budget: 2,926,547 €

Total funding received: 1,596,470 €

LIFE INTEXT is a project co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE Programme Grant Agreement nº. LIFE18 ENV/ES/000233


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